Celebrating 20 years of Fine Typography & Presswork | 1992 - 2015 | A Fine Graphic Design & Direct-from-Type Letterpress Printing Office


For 25 years I’ve been designing and printing classical, and modernist typography for customers using the traditional letterpress process. Having invested heavily in heavy metal, I’m designing from one of the largest collections of fine, vintage, and increasingly rare printing type in New England, and running the work using restored mid-century presses and equipment. People come to me for work designed with the original metal versions of some of the 20th century’s great typefaces and ornament unavailable anywhere else.

I’ve collected over 700 fonts of type for setting by hand, letter by letter here in Jamaica Plain, and have a dozen series of faces in Allston at linotypesetting.com for hot metal typesetting. There I can cast myriad ornament, and set type in unlimited quantities for books, and longer texts. One of the “last men standing”, I continue to offer commercial hot metal typesetting to printers and publishers.

Typical commissions include fine invitations, announcements, and holiday cards, letterhead and business cards, personal stationery, note cards, books, booklets, bookplates, posters and broadsides, certificates of merit, limited edition music packaging, gift certificates, postcards, etc. Spanning five centuries of technology, I also offer logo design, digital book design and production, web design, development, and webmaster services, email marketing, and digital font production and customization.

I have a selection of items on Etsy, but most of the work is bespoke; tailored to your needs, and budget. All of it is the product of the head, hand, eye, and heart using traditional tools, skills, and materials.