April '22 - rescued a Honig Mono-Tabular Broach from a shop being closed in Pennsylvania.

March '22 - brought in a new old galley cabinet for additional storage. Looking for 9 x 13 Hamilton “Precision” galleys.

February '18 - Rigged the Model 31 Two-in-One Linotype and our reduced matrix collection into the shop.

December '14 - new old Hamilton No. 7 Porter Patented Extension-Front Steel-Run Double Tier type cabinet..

February '13 - new old 12x18 Chandler & Price Impression Control “Craftsman” platen press.

Nov/Dec '12 - new workshop.

April '10 - new work bench.

March '10 - 250 sheets 100gsm Zerkall Book smooth white.

May '09 - new old Hamilton "New Era" 24 case cabinet with slant working top

July '08 - acquired two clean Hamilton steel front cabinets and cases

April '07 - acquired a mint condition Randall & Stickney dial indicator plate thickness gauge.

November '06 - designed and knived a die for a folding paper cassette box suitable for your old-skool music packaging.

October '06 - did a drawing for and contracted out for a die cutting jacket for the SP20 at Firefly Press. LP sized music packaging is now being offered.

1 July '06 - picked up a Vandercook "0" proof press from a printing acquaintance in Hartford. swung by my old alma mata, the Hartford Art School and shot the breeze with Scot the lab tech in printmaking for a while. thanks again brother.

March '06 - acquired a Fairbanks 1000 lb. capacity floor scale.

February '06 - after pulling thousands of impressions over the past 14 years on the SP15 with no clear idea how many completed during any given job, i picked a counter out of a box of lonely cast offs out at John Barrett's Letterpress Things. after some puzzling, i figured out where to mount it. works like a charm. if by charm you mean counter.

May '04 - just dropped a new old strip cabinet for storing leads, slugs, and rules at the composing room saw, and a very nice and clean Hamilton 'dust-free' 24 case cabinet ready for laying in new type.

January '04 - the die cutting department acquires used Helmold Heavy Duty Notcher and HD Rule Bender. Ask about custom die fabrication & cutting.

December '03 - acquired Grandpa's antique Fairbanks 360 lb. Bench Scale.