Fall/Winter ’23 - Finally acquired a run of Linotype Garamond No. 3 with all the bells and whistles, and a great number of Linotype’s Helvetica variants to almost complete the sweep of sizes and styles available.

Summer ’22 - Deepened the holdings of Palatino roman and italic, with rare old style figures from 18–54pt, and a number of sizes of the companion Sistina to complete the series from 16–84pt.

Winter ’21 – Spring ’22 - at great expense, completed the series of Trump Mediäval, added a number of sizes and styles of Helvetica, and old style figures for many sizes of Palatino.

September ’21 - Added three sizes of Linotype Optima Regular with bold over at Linotypesetting.com.

June ’21 - Added the two largest sizes, 60 and 72pt of Hermann Zapf’s Michelangelo to complete the series from 16pt up. Michelangelo is the light display for Palatino.

June ’21 - Added the full range of Hermann Zapf’s Optima from 10–48pt in regular, italic, and semi-bold which compliments and extends the 7–10pt range we have for the Linotype.

May ’21 - Added 16pt Michelangelo, the smallest size to complete the series to 72pt.

May ’21 - Added 20pt Sistina. Sistina is the heavy display for Palatino.

March ’21 - Added four sizes of Trump Gravur.

December ’20 - Added some large display type. 84/72pt Futura Light, and 120pt Raleigh Gothic Condensed.

September ’20 - Added a slew of Linotype historic ornament matrices.

September ’20 - Added rare Linotype Lining Memphis in its three smallest 6pt sizes.

August ’20 - added bookmatched 16th century Granjon ornaments from Rainer Gerstenberg.

Spring ’20 - Added a series of Linotype Electra w/ Italic, and Electra w/ Cursive.

July ’19 - Bought a very clean font of 12/5872 Optima w/ Bold for a stationery commission.

April ’19 - Commissioned 12pt Trump Mediaval and Kursiv with small and swash caps, lining and old style figures and accents from Rainer Gerstenberg. The series now includes 6, 8, 9, 10 on the Lino, and 12, 14, 24, 36 and 48-point in hand-set roman and kursiv.

December ’18 - February 16th two packages of Linotype matrices for 6, 8, 9, 10pt Trump Mediaval Roman with italic, and the four sizes of Roman with bold arrived. We now boast Trump in Linotype text composition, and hand-set display.

October ’18 - commissioned 14, 24, 36, and 48pt Mediaval Zifferen (old style figures) for Trump Roman and Italic from the foundry in Germany.

August ’18 - commissioned 14 and 24pt Sonderfiguren (swash caps) for Trump Italic from the foundry in Germany.

October ’17 - commissioned five sizes of Michelangelo, the light titling face for Palatino from the foundry in Germany.

August ’17 - deepening our case of 16pt Garamond Italic, we widen it by adding the rare swash capitals.

March ’17 - added a nice sized font of 48pt Trafton Script to complete an incomplete font.

March ’17 - added a small font of 12pt Eurostile Normal to complete the series from 6–48pt.

January ’17 - won a massive font of 48pt Greco Bold on ebay. Issued by the Gans foundry of Madrid in 1925.

December ’16 - added 20, 24 & 30pt Beton Open, a bold slab serif by Heinreich Jost from Bauer 1931–36.

December ’16 - added a font of unusual 54pt Queen designed by Joachim Romann for Kingspor in 1954.

November ’16 - added four large to largest sizes of C.E. Weber Trump Mediaval & Kursiv designed by George Trump in 1954.

November ’16 - added a four sizes of Berthold Solemnis designed by G.G.Lange in 1954.

November ’16 - who doesn't like 48pt Lilith from Bauer'sche Schriftgießerei, designed by Lucian Bernhard in 1930.

October ’16 - scored an extremely large, extremely rare font of 72pt Stephenson, Blake border no. 500.

April ’16 - deepened our fonts of Eurostile, Standard, and Garamond from the big sale at the Museum of Printing before their move.

March ’16 - added four sizes of Aldus Buchschrift to the holdings at Linotypesetting.com.

October ’15 - added the four largest sizes of freshly cast Donatello éclairé from Germany.

September ’15 - added a bunch of sizes of Bernhard Gothic Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy

July ’15 - added a font of 72pt Deberny & Peignot Jacno

June ’15 - added a font of 10pt Kabel Licht, (aka Cable Light).

May ’15 - added a font of 14pt Derby, a script designed by Günter Gerhard Lange in 1952 for Berthold.

March ’15 - laid freshly cast 24pt Koch Antiqua in.

September ’14 - added several sizes of Garamond and Eurostile from Letterpress Things in Chicopee, Mass.

February ’14 - scored a big 20lb. font of 30pt Koch Kursiv (aka Eve Italic) on ebay.

October ’13 - was given a font of 14pt Koch Kursiv (aka Eve Italic) by a friend to help extend the series already in the shop.

July ’13 - pulled a new 48 case cabinet into the annex.

October ’12 - added 10pt & 12pt Koch=Antiqua=Kursiv to the range of Koch Antiqua in the shop.

January ’12 - and now a NOS font of 8pt ATF Americana.

January ’12 - added a clean used font of 18pt ATF Americana to the cases. Got interrobangs‽

December ’11 - added two fonts of ATF Modernistic Border No. 73 to the holdings, and just laid in 12 & 14pt Bembo with small caps.

November ’11 - added a font of the newly designed, cut, and cast Dale Guild Nicolas to the holdings.

July ’11 - added several sizes of Weiß Initials to the holdings, as well as Swash caps for Palatino Italic and a few sizes of Koch Antiqua caps.

January ’11 - added 18pt Lino Script to the matrix library over at linotypesetting.com

June ’10 - added seven sizes from 20 - 72pt of Ludwig & Mayer Permanent Headline and six sizes of Bauer's Hellenic Wide

April ’10 - added 20 cases of various Eurostile to many sizes and styles already in the shop.

February ’10 - added 24pt ATF Garamond to an expanding run of sizes and styles in the shop.

January ’10 - added ultra-rare 24, 30, 36 & 72pt Zeppelin to the run of 48, 60, 84 & 96pt already in the shop.

May ’09 - adding a run of 12, 16, 20 & 24pt Gladiola newly cast by Schriften-Service D. Stempel in Frankfurt, a.M.

April ’09 - added a nice run of 24, 28, 36 and 48pt Syntax Antiqua; and 8, 10, 12, 14pt Koch Antiqua adding to previous fonts of 18, 24, and 30pt

March ’09 - added rare matrices for 36pt Narciss, 36pt Shadow and 42pt Gothic Condensed No. 2 over at Linotypesetting.com.

February ’09 - added 72pt ATF Calligraphic Initials to the list of decoratve faces.

July 22 ’08 - ran a rescue mission up to The Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, VT and saved a run of the rare and beautiful Sistina from 16 - 72pt and 72pt ATF Georgian Initials.

July 18'08 - pulled two Hamilton cabinets and 48 cases of type and materials from a shop in Woburn. Types include runs of Bodoni, Bernhard Gothic Medium and Goudy Old Style.

May ’08 - added 12pt & 18pt ATF Bulmer to the holdings.

April ’08 - added 36pt Thorne Shaded to supplement the 24pt in stock. was outbid on 48pt. shit.

March ’08 - added Zapf's rare and lovely Festival Figures in 60pt to the holdings.

May ’07 - acquired a mass of border slides and ornament matrices to be inventoried at linotypestting.com.

April ’07 - picked up some interesting 10 line 2 color woodtype.

January ’07 - have added some very nice border slides to the mix of offerings over at Linotypesetting.com. am also inventorying ornament matrices and developing a specimen.

November ’06 - a large run from 8 through 42pt of an interesting san serif from the 1920s, Erbar Condensed in Light, Medium, and Bold and a nice but incomplete run of Lining Metro designed by W.A. Dwiggins for over at Linotypesetting.com

July ’06 - 7pt Linotype AG Palatino Roman/Italic over at Linotypesetting.com

late June ’06 - 16pt ATF Garamond 459 in da haus. enabled the completion of the long awaited ISIS OCEANIC Remix Box.

mid May ’06 - 14pt Koch Antiqua Kursiv and 60pt ATF Virkotype Monograms. i love ebaY.

mid January ’06 - hauled four cases of the amazingly beautiful and even more amazingly rare Koch Antiqua back to my bower. also K.A. Eve in the States, nice full cases of what looks to be clean 10, 18 and 24pt, and a VERY crusty case of 36pt caps. i'm having great luck cleaning the seemingly unsalvagable oxidized sorts, and a first proof of all A's; B's; and Ws, soaked, washed, scrubbed rinsed, dried, oiled, blotted and deposited on a galley... phew, 3 hours commited to first aid. hours to go.

started off ’06 - by deepening the holdings of large Palatino. Acquired the rare and lovely Demi Swash Capitals for the two largest sizes Palatino was issued in. Almost new 42pt Italic with Swash, and almost new 54pt Roman and Italic, also with Swash. So fine.

If you are a lover of Palatino, interrobang offers all sizes and styles issued in Foundry Metal, as well as Linotype Matrices for Roman and Italic with newly acquired mat's for the beautiful Old Style Figures in 8, 9, 10 & 12pt.