TL;DR? Cut to the chase and go straight to the list of Albums on Flickr where projects are posted.

2022 – June 2 update: it’s gotten busy. Two wedding invitations, three book designs both for digital and letterpress production. A few sets of business cards, one in Linotype Helvetica, one hand-set Garamond, and some real retro stuff, Bank Gothic and Latin Wide. A-2 note cards for Burns Library, Boston College. A memorial broadside by Hillaire Belloc. Materially, recently 15 or so new fonts of type from Germany and additional border slides for the Linotype have been acquired. Typesetting is about to commence on a 120-page book of poetry, presswork to follow, and digitally, the production file released this morning for 5 copies of a private press book of love letters which will be hand bound later this month. Etc. Etc.

November ’21– January ’22 – I designed and production managed the catalogue raisonné of Libbie Mark for the Libbie Mark Provincetown Fund.

September ’21 – Started in March, and now complete 100 signed and numbered copies of a 20-page book of lyrics for local roots a and blue guitarist Michael Tarbox.

August ’21 – Completed another his and his wedding invitations hand- and Linotype-set in various sizes of Michelangelo and Palatino roman and italic with swash caps on white Hahnemühle Burga.

May ’21 – Along with Cambridge Typewriter, I was featured on WCVB‘s Chronicle. See the clip on YouTube.

April ’21 – A small run of A5 wedding invitations hand- and Linotype-set in various sizes of Trump Mediäval, and Trump Gravur and printed on duplexed Hahnemuhle Burga.

March ’21 – A small run of sound-hole labels for a luthier in Providence. His design, printed in 877 silver on French Muscletone “Hot Fudge”.

January ’21 – A nice set of his & hers A6 stationery.. Hand-set in 36pt Bernhard Gothic Medium, and printed on Hahnemuhle Bugra.

December ’20 – Yet another poetry broadside, this time for Ishion Hutchinson. “A March”. Hand-setting in 12pt Trump Mediäval with title in 72pt Reiner Script.

December ’20 – Another poetry broadside for VK in the works. “Your Heart is like a Small Brown Stone”. Setting on the Linotype in 12pt Metrolite with 24pt Metromedium for the title. Again with a linoleum cut illustration by the author. To be printed on Lettra again in an edition of 75.

October ’20 – A poetry broadside for local Cambridge poet Varsha Kukafka. It Can Be Dangerous. Set on the Lino in 12pt Palatino, and handset 24/20 Michelangelo. An edition of 75 copies on Lettra with a linoeum cut by the author.

September ’20 – A set of A-6 Note Cards hand-set in Eurostile Extended and printed on French Paper Company “Muscletone Kraft”.

August ’20 – Three sets of A-2 Note Cards hand-set in Trump Kursiv and Trump Gravur with return addresses in Linotype Trump Mediäval.

August ’20 – A small run of Thank You cards for the local craft brewery. Hand-set in 48pt Memphis Bold, and a few lines on the Linotype in Light and Bold. Printed on Mohawk Renewal “Flower” a hemp sheet.

July ’20 – The poetry broadsides morphed into a small edition of chapboooks printed digitally with a letterpress wrapper currently being bound with a simple pamphlet stitch. Another poetry broadside in the offing? A few Etsy sales. The phone lines remain open.

June ’20 – A few projects in the shop. A bookplate for a gentleman in Washington D.C.. More local, a maker’s label for a carpenter & joiner in Concord. Some poetry broadsides. Quoting a wedding invitation. The phone lines are open.

May 29, ’20 – My final day on payroll at Godine. 907 days of “Making Books That Matter For People Who Care.” Wearing several hats, and doing long hours, I oversaw the design and production of over 75 books both front list, and back list reprints, as well as numerous interiors, covers, and collateral designs. I was working directly with printers in the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and China, and managing freelance designers. I’m available for digital book and production management.

I’ll be refocusing my energies once again on interrobang.

March ’20 – Designed two variants of a wedding invitation for a local couple who ghosted me when the virus hit. Not cool.

November ’19 – The press in the press. I was featured on the front page of the Boston Globe Metro section. Technical and terminological inaccuracy aside, here’s a PDF of the article.

September ’19 – A side-by-side poetry broadside for Boston University. The authors are Carmen Bugan and A. E. Stallings.

December 5, ’17 - May 30, ’20 – I took the position as production and design manager at David R. Godine, Publisher. I also adopted the Model 31 Linotype I’d worked on for 12 years and had it rigged in to the shop in February of ’18. So I’ve been busy making books, and restoring the Lino. I continue to post albums up to Flickr but have gotten a bit disillusioned with the modern tendency to share everything, all the time. Not the least, I can’t post photos of recent stationery I’ve worked on and respect client privacy.

March ’17 designed SP Dwiggins Lecture posters hand- and Linotype-set in various sizes and styles of Hermann Zapf's Palatino “tribe”.

December ’16 reprinted New Year's Cards hand-set in Koch Antiqua, and printed on Fabriano Medioevalis cards.

December ’16 busted out the ancient woodtype and border for a 2017 calendar available on Etsy.

July–December ’16 an ongoing project since late June setting Dwiggins‘ words in various Dwiggins‘ Linotype faces over at Linotypesetting.

November ’16 - designed a mid-century invitation to a 50th Christmas Jubilee. Handset in Reiner Script, and Lino-set in Intertype Waverly.

November ’16 - donated a 21st year of WMBR Fundraising Postcards. Handset in various sizes and styles of Eurostile and printed in 2c on a vintage Strathmore paper.

September ’16 - provided a Menu for a wedding eve party. Handset in Garamond and printed on a vintage Strathmore paper.

September ’16 - squeezed in the Society of Printers‘ October invitation. Hand- and Monotype- set in various sizes of Bodoni Regular on duplexed Hahnemühle Bugra.

June ’16 - designed and printed personal note cards. Handset in 12 and 20pt Helvetica, and printed in 2 colors on duplexed Hahnemühle Bugra.

June ’16 - hand-set a menu for a private party. Garamond small caps, and italic and printed on a vintage Strathmore stock.

June ’16 - designed and printed our wedding invitations. Hand- and Linotype-set in Palatino small caps, and swash italic and hand-bound in two colors of French Paper Co. purples.

June ’16 - did a reprint on guitar labels classical guitar luthier Stephan Connor.

May ’16 - a new broadside, Maugham’s Appointment in Samarra. Handset in new 24pt Koch Antiqua, 72pt Legende, and 24pt Granjon Fleurons.

May ’16 - closed the ’15–16 season with SP Treasurer’s Report. Picking up Garamond type already hand-set and standing, and hand-bound in Hahnemühle Bugra. Knocked off the menu in Bernhard Gothic the morning of.

April ’16 - partner business card for local start-up brewers.

March ’16 - designed an Order of Service (PDF) in Bembo for the family of the late distinguished Harvard professor Walter Kaiser.

March ’16 - kicked off interior design for ‘Double Trouble in Bugland’ for David R. Godine, Publisher.

January ’16 - started the year at Linotypesetting hand-pegging 9pt letterspaced small caps for Robert Bringhurst’s monumental and definitive 'Palatino – Natural History of a Typeface".

December ’15 - finished the year with our holiday cards. Handset in new 24pt Donatello eclairé, 96pt Zeppelin, and a 2 color 96pt ATF Holly Wreath.

December ’15 - pro-bono design for January Meeting Announcements for the Society of Printers. Handset in various sizes of L&M Permanent Headline and 8pt Helvetica Regular Extended.

December ’15 - pro-bono design for a December menu and keepsake for the Club of Odd Volumes. Handset in various sizes and styles of ATF Garamond.

December ’15 - revised design of that quick business card now with more turtle.

November ’15 - set 71 lines in hot-metal and shipped it out to Martyn Old in England. 14pt Linotype Granjon.

November ’15 - another poetry broadside this time for Beacon Press. Handset in Stempel Trajanus.

October ’15 - our 20th year printing Fundraising postcards for WMBR. Handset in various sizes and styles of Nebiolo Eurostile.

October ’15 - a quick menu for COV. 70 copies handset in various size of Garamond.

September ’15 - a broadside for Pushcart Award willing author Jill McDonough. A Great Day at the Athenæum. 31 copies printed in two colors in hand- and Linotype-set Garamond.

September ’15 - in a similar vein, hand-set in two mid-century faces trying to look old, a Fermentation Festival card. 1,000 printed in two colors in vintage Profil and Hellenic Wide.

September ’15 - pulled another poster in some ancient wood and metal type for 2015 Boston Fermentation Festival. 100 printed, 50 are signed, and numbered. 25 copies are available on Etsy.

August ’15 - a quick business card for neighbor friend looking to grow his brewery.

July ’15 - pulled a poster in wood type for 2nd Annual JP PorchFest out of a hat. 50 printed, signed and numbered; 39 copies remain.

July ’15 - hand-set Turtle & Heron Thank You notes using Gladiola script on duplexed Hahnemühle Bugra green and blue stock with matching blue envelopes.

July ’15 - hand-set wedding invitations using the recently acquired 24pt Koch Antiqua, and 10pt Kabel Light.

May ’15 - copy-edited, designed, and printed 50 copies of the Prayer of an Anonymous Abbess using the recently acquired 24pt Koch Antiqua, with 36pt Wilhelm Klingspor=Schrift, and some ATF Bradley ornament. Want one?

April ’15 - set and printed the first three runs on a keepsake poster for a shop visit by the Lesley University Design Club which visitors helped finish to take away.

March ’15 - hand-set a family’s worth of five A6 note cards.

March ’15 - a keepsake for Rocky Stinehour’s 90th birthday.

January/ February ’15 - re-designed the book interior, designed the binding and dust jacket, and provided digital production on historic New England theatre backdrops for David R. Godine, Publisher.

December ’14 - a run of door hangers for the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association handset in various sizes of ATF Garamond, 24pt Reiner Script, and ATF Modernistic Border No. 73.

October ’14 - a small bookplate in 30pt foundry Zeppelin, and 18pt Linotype Caravan border we cast at

October ’14 - WMBR Fundraiser Postcards in foundry Eurostile on French Paper Co. Poptone “Spearmint” in black and a custom mixed metallic mint green.

September ’14 - Holiday Pops Invitations for our Jesuit school client handset in Palatino roman and Italic, and Sistina. Printed in 3 colors on Fabriano Medioevalis cards and envelopes.

July ’14 - a large stationery suite in Univers, printed in black on Neenah‘s new Raw Concrete. Printed from plates.

July ’14 - handset condolence cards in Palatino roman and italic, and Michelangelo with traditional 6pt solid black border on cream colored stock. With matching pointed flap envelopes.

July ’14 - a “Design-Your-Own” business card hand set in big and little News Gothic, and blind deboss on super-heavy Cranes Cover.

June ’14 - digital book production of a garden element encyclopedia for David R. Godine, Publishers.

June ’14 - business cards and a logo design for an old college friend. Type is hand set in a few sizes and styles of vintage Eurostile.

May ’14 - monarch size stationery and A-6 Notes hand set in Eurostile Extended in a blue gray ink on Light Gray Strathmore Writing.

May ’14 - a broadside for a local Jesuit school of the St. Ignatius “Prayer for Generosity” hand set in Palatino roman and italic, with Sistina for display. Printed in two colors on Strathmore Pastelle.

March ’14 - a CD sleeve for Carl Hultgren of Windy & Carl for his latest solo album. Handset News Gothic printed in metallic copper ink on 140# French Muscletone Blacktop.

March ’14 - new interrobang business cards hand set in DGTF Williamsburg ornaments, Bauer Columna, and ATF Garamond roman and italic in a larger than standard A-2 size, so they can be mailed as a promo as well.

March ’14 - a rush business card handset in ATF Garamond. completed in around five hours from initial design, to delivery. hot off the press!

February ’14 - shop warming invitations to open the Annex, and introduce the new old 12x18 C&P Craftsman now tuned up and running.

February ’14 - a gift for my nephew - crack-n-peel bookplates in Fry‘s Baskerville caps and small caps, and Stempel Baskerville Italic with a type cast vintage ornament.

January ’14 - 3 variations of simple 1c note cards in huge 84pt Huxley Vertical, and smaller 24pt Latin Wide.

January ’14 - missed doing Holiday cards, moved on to New Years Cards set in vintage Weiss Italic, and Series I Initials, and newly cast ATF Modernistic Border No. 73.

December ’13 - hand set a poster/ invite to the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association Holiday Meeting in various sizes of Fry‘s Baskerville, Greco Bold Italic, Tudor Black, and an ancient 2c holly border.

June ’13 - work on the Annex proceeds, and yard sale posters to lighten the load. handset in various ancient wood and metal types.

March ’13 - reprinted our promo posters with a proper interrobang recently drawn from life. handset in Columna and Garamond.

winter ’12/ ’13 - busy at work on our new workshop annex, procuring, and now readying a new press.

September ’12 - designed, typeset, and printed the invitation for the 2nd Annual Charles A. Rheault lecture hand- and machine-set in Nebiolo Augustea Inline, and Linotype Metrolite & Metroblack.

summer ’12 - not much accomplished aside from co-curating the LGNE exhibit, assembling the work and mounting the exhibit, designing a new workshop for the backyard (permits being pulled), and taking on a new intern.

April ’12 - a rather involved pro-bono project for the Letterpress Guild. designing and printing a Call For Entries broadside and envelopes, as well as building the entry submission form on a subdomain at

March ’12 - just designed a quick announcemnt for the BOOK release PARTY of “MY DUST is my NATURE”.

March ’12 - working on design for a CALL FOR ENTRIES poster/invite for an LGNE 30th Anniversary Poster & Broadside Exhibition, as well as web dev form work. (wearing many hats here.)

February ’12 - business cards for GrandTen Distilling, hand-set in ATF Americana and printed in two colors on tan Rives BFK.

February ’12 - a rush event invitation, in two colors for Spin350 on Fabriano Medioevalis, finishing presswork on "My Dust...", finishing presswork on the new ISIS Live VI LP, and finishing presswork on Lost Highway business cards.

January ’12 - a rush Order of Service, continuing typesetting and presswork on"My Dust...", typesetting a new ISIS LP, et alia.

January ’12 - delivered 5,000 2c business cards to The Brattle Bookshop on Arches Velin.

December ’11 - a small handful of copies of an exercise in brevity hand-set in 24pt small Helvetica Regular Extended, and 42 & 54pt Helvetica Extra Bold Extended. Copies for sale on Etsy.

December ’11 - 100 A-2 notecards hand-set in vintage 16pt Trump Gravur.

December ’11 - 1000 more 6x9 booklet envelopes hand-set in ATF Garamond for the Society of Printers monthly invitations.

December ’11 - quick 3c menu for the Society of Printers hand-set in ATF Garamond 459 & 460, and antique 18pt Holly Border No. 10.

November ’11 - after encountering a snafu typesetting "My Dust is My Nature", I put digital form to Robert Burns 1785 poem "To A Mouse" as an ode to plans "Gang aft agley"...

November ’11 - working on business cards for WMBR DJ Doug Gesler and his "Lost Highway" Radio Show. Hand set in 24pt Koch Antiqua, and 10pt Stempel Trajanus.

November ’11 - began typesetting Cora Roelofs' "My Dust Is My Nature" a 32 page chapbook set on the Lino, to be hand printed on the Vandercook in an edition of 100.

November ’11 - a quick little one for the Stumptown Press "Yea Big" exhibit handset in 18pt Koch Antiqua, and ATF Penline Flourishes. And a 10pt Americana interrobang...

October ’11 - WMBR came back for another year's Fundraiser postcards handset in various sizes and styles of foundry Eurostile.

October ’11 - promo leave-behind cards handset in foundry ATF Garamond Roman & Italic with swash caps, and Bauer Columna.

October ’11 - some bookmark wedding favors in foundry Palatino Italic with swash caps, and Garamond.

September ’11 - designed a simple and elegant moving announcement in ATF Kaufmann Script, and Garamond.

September ’11 - posted Baxter Society slides from my talk in May.

July ’11 - designed and printed handset gig poster for Harvey Milk / Now Denial in huge 66, 54, 42 & 30pt Stempel Helvetica Extra Bold Extended.

July ’11 - designing and quoting a chapbook. at folding dummy stage - 32mo, machine set on the Lino in Erbar.

June ’11 - handset baby announcement for that Chunklet Guy and his better half in Garamond and ATF Ribbon Border.

June ’11 - designed and printed an impromptu gig poster for CLOUDS / 27 handset in huge 120pt ATF Spartan and Helvetica.

June ’11 - a rush order for 18 sets of personalized note cards, set on the Linotype in Dwiggins Metromedium.

May ’11 - belly bands for a 3 cd set by the Tenhornedbeast on Handmade Birds. Handset in Wilhelm Klingspor=Schrift and Trajanus.

May ’11 - Society of Printers Annual Meeting, and a speaking engagement addressing the Baxter Society of Portland, ME

April ’11 - reran 1000 sheets of SP Letterhead, then income taxes. Up next, SP Treasurer's Reports for 2011, and covers for the SP "Honor Bound" keepsake. Too many freebees...

April ’11 - a quick invitation for the Letterpress Guild of New England Spring Schmooze.

March ’11 - presswork and finishing complete on LP jackets for SIGE Records - Mamiffer/House of Low Culture/Merzbow - "Lou Lou... in Tokyo". Shipped to Sige and Thrill Jockey.

March ’11 - shipped gatefold CD jackets for Imaad Wasif to Viva Hate Records in Berlin.

March ’11 - a Death Certificate for the City of Boston Printing Department. A few copies for sale on Etsy

March ’11 - rescued a few sizes of rare 19th Century type from the City of Boston Print Department auction

February ’11 - just shipped 500 2c all-purpose greeting cards for the Bahá'i Church.

January ’11 - hand set his & hers note cards in Weiss Series I initials and Weiss Italic.

late December ’10 - hand set holiday cards for sale on Etsy in Nicholas Cochin Bold and Koch Antiqua.

early December ’10 - back at it with some hand set gift certificates in various sizes and styles of Eurostile.

November 7 ’10 - bouncing around on a few projects, the house repair and painting not withstanding, finally got some promo posters done up.

September ’10 - layout ready for another Viva Hate CD sleeve. Reissue of Imaad Wasif's "The Voidist" & "Strange Hexes". Using the brand new Dale Guild Williamsburg ornaments.

August 26 ’10 - delivered LP sleeves. just in time for some summer vacation. The shop will be closed through Labor Day.

Memorial Day ’10 - 1st draft book design proposal for the SP. Percy Grassby by Marcus McCorison.

late May ’10 - another joint with Thomas at Viva Hate in Berlin, DE. Der Weg Einer Freiheit CD package. hand-set in Trajanus.

May 4 ’10 - prepared, printed and bound 200 copies of the 2010 SP Treasurer's Report to present May 5th at the SP Annual Meeting.

May Day weekend - a rush bar mitzvah invitation hand-set in Solemnis and various Eurostiles on white Hahnemühle Bugra.

April 18 ’10 - 1500 6 x 9 booklet envelopes hand-set in Garamond for SP mailings.

April 11-12 ’10 - 100 receipts hand-set in Garamond for the Society of Printers

March ’10 - working on designs for a CD sleeve to be hand-set in Trajanus for Viva Hate in Berlin.

Super Bowl Sunday ’10 - 500 simple hand-set "Smartistry cards" for the H&G holiday mailing.

January ’10 - a quick specimen layout for Klingspor Zeppelin before running the gold on the New Year card.

January ’10 - working on a new years card using the run of Koch Antiqua in the shop from 8pt to monumental 36pt großbuchstaben.

December 20 ’09 - a quick holiday gift for a relative I've never met... Stationery in two colors. Hope he likes News Gothic.

December 4 ’09 - 20 boxes of ISIS Live V LPs shipped out to Berlin. man that was a big job.

November ’09 - squeezed in a quick invitation for the Letterpress Guild visit in December. and then back to the ISIS LPs

October ’09 - another sleeve for ISIS; 2000 copies of the Live V CD - hand and Lino-set in Garamond on 100# "Jellybean Green" French Poptone.

September ’09 - another platepress job... a 7" single sleeve of relative complexity for friends 27. art by Dan McCarthy.

September ’09 - 17 runs for a rather involved series of cards done platepress (2 day turn-around) for a Bar Mitzvah invitation.

August 1 ’09 - interrobang celebrates 17 years. Currently working on a submission for the Vandercook Centenary bundle.

July 21 ’09 - Specimen booklet for Gladiola newly laid in cases last month.

June 1 ’09 - shipping Harvey Milk Anthem Ltd. DVD for Henry at Chunklet.

May ’09 - finished and presented the Treasurer's Report for the Society of Printers.

April ’09 - finished stationery for the Society of Printers. 1000 letterhead, 500 all-purpose No. 10, 500 w/treasurer's address.

late December ’08 - wrapper for Hunt & Gather's Hoilday mailing. brown, and silver metallic inks on brown.

early December ’08 - menu for the December Society of Printers dinner meeting. 100 year old border ornament, set in Cloister Black and Caslon.

June 14-15 ’08 - deep in process. HM poster. first piece of meaty work since moving shop. feels good to stretch out a bit with total creative control.

June 11 ’08 - culled through 718 early aeronautic images. came up with this. Harvey Milk - summer solstice - Boston

April 13 ’08 - after a depressing 5 days of jury duty on a criminal case (5 guilty verdicts), I'm packing the remaining 800/1000ths of the ISIS Live IV to ship.

April 5 - 7 ’08 - shifting gears back to HAND006. typesetting, make-up and 3 press runs of 1000 completed in 48 hours.

April 3 ’08 - shipped 200/1000ths of the ISIS Live IV LP sleeves to LA. Tour begins the 10th in Moscow.

March 15 ’08 - back on the ISIS Live IV LP sleeve. This one has taken a long time to come together. Measure five times, cut once?...

Next up; HAND006 in the design stage.

March 13 ’08 - just completed the 5th in the series of Brainwashed Handmade discs, HAND005. Hand and Montotype set and printed on "Navy Blue" Crane's Palette 90# cover.

February 11 ’08 - just in time for Valentine's Day. Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 done up hand-set on Johannot 124gsm and hand colored in an edition of 50 copies.

February 8 ’08 - delivered the first job off the platen, a 50 piece hand & Linotype set A2 announcement and RSVP postcard for a corporate client who appreciates the hand work.

February 5 ’08 - the Chandler & Price platen press is motorized. The shop is officially back up and running.

January 27 ’08 - the Chandler & Price platen press is sited, assembled and tuned up to once again do 1st class work. Motorization is slated for the 1st week in February.

January 19 ’08 - the Hammond Glider composing room saw is repaired, rewired, assembled, and dropped into place in the basement.

December 17 ’07 - ahhh well. The move is complete, and the holidays are here. The Vandercook is set up. Got the paper cutter set up this past weekend. Need to get the C&P and the Glider squared away and a new work bench built. For a limited time, the ISIS Set is ON SALE.

September 3 ’07 - quick update and back to the back breaking task of breaking a shop and home down to move. visual document continues to unfold here.

August ’07 - I've found a little single family 8/10th of a mile from here and am in the process of purchasing and planning the move. and packing. lots of packing.

July ’07 - EVICTED! after 15 years living and doing my art quietly at the Monument in Jamaica Plain, I must vacate by 8/31.

May ’07 - delivered the follow up wedding invitation, no. 10 policy envelope, and response postcard, Lino set in various sizes of Metromedium and Metrolite from 8 - 30pt and printed 2/2 on Crane's Lettra. delivered 3-run presentation covers for a corporate client comprised of a deboss, varnish and PMS 877 silver. ran a couple hundred simple maker's labels for a classical guitar luthier on the Cape.

April ’07 - delivered a 2/2 Save the Date in hand set Goudy Old Style printed on 2-ply Rising Museum Board.

March ’07 - 8 of 10 entries submitted accepted for exhibition in N. Adams, MA. gosh. press proofs for a 7 part stationery package. 26 hours. ouch.

February ’07 - The ISIS "OCEANIC" box set is sold out. I have (8) copies ready to ship. I had 10. When these are gone, you'll be at the mercy of ebaY. One per customer.

February ’07- A-2 Annual Meeting invitation and response card for a VC client who likes the handset details. designed and slowly building out a site for the Letterpress Guild of New England.

November ’06 - worked with Matthew Carter on an invitation for his talk to the Society of Printers on the subject of Bruce Rogers' Centaur types. Set digitally from a proprietary cut of Centaur based on Robert Wiebking's interpretation found in Rogers' book "The Centaur Types".

October ’06 - just shipped covers off to Dearborn for a new ltd Windy & Carl release, Akimatsuri. Produced exclusively for the Brainwashed 10th Anniversay Fest.

September ’06 - two new CD packages for the Brainwashed Handmade series. HAND003 & HAND004.

mid August ’06 - tapped to print the 2006 Society of Printers directory cover. Design by fellow member Lance Hidy using his Penumbra face. 124gsm Canson Johannot.

late June ’06 - the long awaited ISIS "OCEANIC Remixes/Reinterpretations" Box Set has shipped! can i get a hell yeah? copper logo blocks, Linotype Garamond No. 3 and hand set ATF Garamond 459 in 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, and 72pt.

mid June ’06 - a nice little wedding invitation set in Linotype Janson small caps and hand set Juliet Script.

late April ’06 - ISIS Live.04 disc sleeves. handset Garamond in brown on brown. something something the new black.

March ’06 - hand set business cards for WMBR "Lost Highway" DJ and drinking companion Doug Gesler. 24pt Koch Antiqua and various smaller size of Trajanus.

January ’06 - much work done and photographed, no time to post.

April ’05 - a little 3c wedding invite, a gig poster for Sonic Youth for sale here, a stationery system, ISIS Live.03 CD cover. stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

November ’04 - ISIS Live.02 CD covers. blink - they're gone.

September ’04 - wedding invitation. - hand set in rare Trajanus Roman & Italic. printed in PMS 871 metallic gold and black on "Tangerine" Canford Card.

September 12, 12:00 noon - pi on the composing room floor. - done while setting the job above. ahh yeah.

August ’04 - 300 3 color single covers. ATF Fry's Baskerville and newly minted Arrighi Ornaments from the Dale Guild pressed into service for Henry & Sarah wedding party 'favour' (see below).

July ’04 - nice little 2c wedding invite hand set in rare Weiss Series I Initials, Italic and Roman. Printed on Fabriano Medioevalis.

June ’04 - 3 color invite/broadsides for Henry at it's a poster, it's a self mailer. a party? you're soaking in it. congrats to he and Sarah. hand-set in 84, 72 & 30pt Huxley Vertical in PMS 875 and a bunch of News Gothics and ornament in PMS 420 on French 'Steel Blue'.

June ’04 - 500 4 color fund announcements for a Newton private equity firm. hairline registration on a 100 year old press. no sweat. the plate finish Mohawk helped...

May ’04 - small 2c wedding invite suite on Arches Johannot, with diecut folder. knifed my 1st die. ran like a dream. in the name of full disclosure, the directions and envelopes were printed on a "laser" printer.

September ’03 - ISIS Live.01 CD's hit the street.