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Are you a writer and you’d like to have a book made? We’d like to help you out.

We’re the last remaining hot-metal design, typesetting, and letterpress printing shop in Boston. While much of the typesetting is hand-set from vintage type, we do commercial hot metal typesetting as We’re casting some of the finest hot-metal era book faces ever designed. And because people like well-designed books printed on better paper, from real type, we feel we can offer a valuable service to writers, (or independent publishers).

As educated craftsmen, we treat words better than typically done - employing a centuries old tradition - using high quality paper, printing type, stiff ink, and the power of the press. This venture seeks to up-the-ante on self-publishing, by maintaining the production values of craft bookmaking. Letterpress, well-designed, applies a form to the book that even in modest guise stands out. The kiss of type in a dense black ink on a crisp book paper. The simplicity of a linen thread-stitched binding in a velvety paper wrapper, marbled, or paste paper boards. In other words, real books.

Even if letterpress is beyond your budget, we’re just as prepared to design your book digitally.

We‘re looking for well-written fact, fiction, politic, poetry, short stories, essays, and other work worth the trouble. If we like what we read, we’ll work with you to design and publish your work and get it distribution.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to discuss it, email or call.

We look forward to helping you get your words in a form people will want to have, hold, and most importantly, read.